Oral Surgery

Oral SurgeryAn oral surgeon is a type of dentist who has undergone special training to be able to perform procedures like TMJ treatment, oral pathology, dental implants, and tooth extraction.

Modern technology and anesthetics make these sort of procedures completely painless, even though they might sound intense. Below are some of the most commonly performed procedures.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Many people will eventually need to have their wisdom teeth extracted due to complications. Luckily, this procedure is routine and doesn’t require a long recovery period.

Tooth Extraction

Having a tooth extracted may seem scary, but it is a very low-risk, painless procedure when performed by an experienced professional.

Bone Grafting

This procedure helps to restore or regenerate missing bone and attachment so you can avoid related tooth loss.

Pocket Reduction

Pocket reduction is a treatment for periodontal disease that is typically performed by an oral surgeon.

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